Luke Clerkin Shares New Single ‘Normal People’

Irish singer and songwriter Luke Clerkin has just shared his brand new single Normal People, a lovely indie/dream-pop song. 
Out now via Owl Sounds, Normal People is a captivating love song inspired by the TV series of the same name. I am really enjoying the tone of Luke Clerkin's voice, which is very distinctive and soars beautifully over the polished production. I am particularly fond of the steady beat and how it is nicely intertwined with cool guitar riffs that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere for Luke's dulcet vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Luke Clerkin said,
I binged Normal People in one go, and the story just affected me, so much that as soon as I picked up the guitar, the words came flooding out. I’ve never really written anything inspired by a TV series before, so it was nice to know that I could do it. It’s more of a sequel to the series than it is about the series itself.