Lola Melita Shares New Single ‘Dreaming Is All I Have’

Canadian singer and songwriter Lola Melita has just shared her brand new single Dreaming Is All I Have, a warm piece of soulful pop music out now via Unity Records. 
I am really enjoying Lola Melita's smooth vocals and how they glide instantly infuse the song with a dreamy and emotional touch while soaring beautifully over the captivating pop melodies. Dreaming Is All I Have a relatable song about unrequited love and is wrapped around a polished production packed with a memorable driving beat, killer percussion and lush synths that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for those laid-back days home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lola Melita said,
I had just met someone back in my hometown and kept obsessing over the moments we'd had and let this overwhelming feeling drive this song.