Lennie Rayen Shares New Single ‘Everything I’ve Ever Needed’

Canadian artist Lennie Rayen has just shared her brand new single Everything I've Ever Needed, a super chill piece of indie-pop/rock music. 
I am loving Lennie Rayen's smooth vocals which glide effortlessly over the warm production, instantly drawing our attention to her storytelling. Everything I've Ever Wanted is a great song for those introspective days at home, thinking about the things that we want may not be what we really need and that we can't buy happiness. This song is a deep observation about life and is wrapped around a memorable production packed with gorgeous guitar riffs and melodies nicely intertwined with steady drums that create an overall warm atmosphere. I am particularly fond of the way the song builds up with energy near the end with a fantastic guitar solo and I think you will enjoy it too. 
Accompanying the release, Lennie Rayen has shared its official music video which embodies the song's warmth and introspective atmosphere! Check it out below!