KING LX, the project of German singer-songwriter Benji Asare, has just shared his brand new single Say It, a powerful pop-piano ballad with R&B undertones. 
I am loving KING LX's gorgeous, soulful vocals and how dynamic his range is, perfectly making us feel each and every single word he is singing. Out now via GOLD LEAGUE, Say It is a song about the feeling, when silence hurts more than words ever could. It's about the idea what could be, if one just breaks the silence and say what needs to be said. I think we all can relate to this song as silence can make our minds go insane trying to picture what went wrong, creating several scenarios in our heads, instead of just asking for something to be said. 
This relatable message is wrapped around a captivating blend of R&B/Soul and Pop elements with a stunning piano-based melody paired with a gospel choir, creating an overall warm and emotive atmosphere perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!