Kim Vestin Shares New Single ‘Set You Free’

Swedish singer and songwrriter Kim Vestin has just shared her brand new single Set You Free, an Americana-scented indie-pop cut about the aftermath of a dysfunctional relationship. 
I am loving Kim Vestin's lush, velvety vocals and how they infuse a dreamy, ethereal touch to the song that I find quite alluring. Set You Free is a song about how two people in the same relationship experience it in oppositve ways. And how we make choices based on the presumption that our experience of something is objectively true, when in reality we’re quite often alone in that experience. This message is perfectly conveyed through Kim's gorgeous vocals which soar beautifully over sparkling sway guitars, steady drum beat and sharp synths that create an overall warm, melancholy-infused atmosphere. Check it out below!