Kenny Sharp Shares New Single ‘Red Flags’

American singer, songwriter and rapper Kenny Sharp has just shared his brand new single Red Flags, a captivating blend of elements of Jazz, Soul, Pop and R&B that many call Brown Liquor Music. 
I am loving Kenny Sharp's soulful, expressive vocals which effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable touch of emotion and soul. I am also very fond of Kenny's poetic lyricism and relatable storytelling that flows beautifully over the warm production. Enhancing the soul and emotion of both Kenny's vocals and storytelling we have intricate guitar riffs and smooth, steady percussion that create quite a warm and intimate atmosphere that I find perfect for those laid-back days at home. Kenny's passionate vocal delivery is definitely the star of the song for me and the whole production really brings out the raw, honest emotion of his storytelling. Have a listen to this gorgeous piece of music below!