Jovanni Cardenas & Annamarie Rosanio Share New Single ‘Riley’

American singers and songwriters Jovanni Cardenas and Annamarie Rosanio have just shared their brand new single Riley, the latest track to be taken from their collaborative EP, Seymour, which is out now! 
I am loving how sweet and velvety both Annamarie and Jovanni's vocals are, being nicely paired and creating hauntingly beautiful harmonies that instantly create quite a warm and soothing touch. I am also very fond of the raw emotion pouring from their vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the polished acoustic/folk-tinged pop production. 
Riley is a heartfelt song about that one person who drives you mad and how they can tear you down and bring you back up in a heartbeat. It's sort of a love/hate situation and shows the impact that one person can have on your life. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through smooth, emotive vocals soaring beautifully over intricate acoustic guitar-based melodies, dreamy harmonies and an overall warm, intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!