hotjohnmichael Shares Debut Single ‘GOD AGAIN’

hotjohnmichael, the solo project of LA-based songwriter John Michael Mukai, has just shared his official debut single GOD AGAIN, an infectious blend of Hip-Hop and Punk elements. 
GOD AGAIN is a song about finding your communinty when you need them most, how the joy and strength they bring make you feel invincible. This song is wrapped around a memorable blend of hip hop beats with pop-punk guitar and pop sensibilities that beautifully back hotjohnmichael's distinctive and confident vocal delivery. I am particularly fond of the soaring guitars, trap-infused beat and how the song has an overall warm atmosphere.
Speaking about the song, hotjohnmichael said,
GOD AGAIN is about a time where I was at a low point and I let my friends know I was hurting. They said they were too, and we leaned on each other in our time of need.
Accompanying the release, hotjohnmichael has shared its official music video, directed by Connor Ellmann, which features rotating shots of hotjohnmichael strapped to a chair, a bloody sewing machine, and Mukai filling the void of a dark, shirt off and breaking free. As the visuals progress, we see his detached, floating arm, seemingly reaching out to him - a way out of this low point. The use of negative space and close ups puts you right in the action of this debut music video. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, hotjohnmichael said,
I wanted a really simple and clean vid to introduce myself and let the song speak for itself. The imagery of my arm coming back together is an abstract theme to subtly convey the song concept.