Halley Shares New Single ‘Si Me Encuentro Mal’

Time for some music in Spanish. Spanish music producer, songwriter and singer Halley has just shared his brand new single Si Me Encuentro Mal, a heavy hitting pop song that showcases Halley's emotional side. 
I am really enjoying his smooth, expressive vocals which are packed with raw emotion and soar effortlessly over the captivating production. Taken from his upcoming EP Nocturnas, Si Me Encuentro Mal was produced by Halley and Sr. Chen and touches on themes of redemption. It derives from events based on a true story and beautifully conveys the fragility of a moment as hard as the death of a friend, hence why the production and instruments used are so heavy. I am loving the hard-hitting beat, cool piano chords and how the song oozes with so much emotion and has an overall moody, introspective atmosphere. Check it out below!