Francesca Monte Shares New Single ‘All Day All Night’

Italian singer, writer, composer and producer Francesca Monte has just shared her brand new single All Day All Night, a passionate piece of electro-pop music out now via Rotbaum Records. 
I am really enjoying Francesca Monte's rich, passionate vocals which are packed with so much emotion and confidence, instantly drawing our attention to her storytelling. All Day All Night is a song about how it is difficult to find balance between good and evil when you are lost in love, it is irrational and logical at the same time. Francesca is not afraid to show her feelings and her fragile, troubled soul in this song which is packed with soaring guitar riffs nicely intertwined with steady percussion, beautifully matching the emotion pouring from her lush vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Francesca Monte said,
When we stop putting conditions to our feelings, we then start to understand the meaning of loving someone and to live for real, accepting the flow of change and transformation. We used to live with the complete certainty that being loved is the key for happiness, but we were wrong. We often don’t even want to be loved.