Eighty Ninety Share New Single ‘Heart on the Line’

Eighty Ninety — the indie-pop project of NYC-based brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James — have just shared their brand new single Heart on the Line, a lovely indie-pop song. 
I am really enjoying the gorgeous acoustic guitar plucks and how they instantly set the tone for a heartwarming piece of music. Flowing beautifully over the intricate guitar riffs we have Abner's silky smooth vocals which tell a story about a make-or-break moment in a relationship where you're confronted with the choice to continue fighting for the love and partnership you've built or let it slip away. This relatable message is wrapped around a polished production on which the gorgeous guitars are nicely paired with steady percussion, creating an overall warm and soothing atmosphere. Check it out below!



Elaborating on the creative process behind the song, the duo write:

When we produced ‘Heart on the Line’ we wanted it to feel personal — almost like it was recorded late at night after one of the midnight phone calls we’re writing about in the song. But we also wanted the choruses to feel cinematic because even though feelings around these moments are personal, they can feel so huge. To show that contrast, we used minimal verses and lonely, distant counter melodies with sweeping, harmony-stacked choruses.