Dylan Emmet Shares New Single ‘Lie Together’ ft. Constance

New York-based indie-pop singer, songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet has just shared his brand new single Lie Together, a warm pop/punk song. 
Lie Together is a relatable song about being in a relationship with someone that deep down you know isn't right for you, so you continue to lie to yourself and ignore all the red flags within the relationship. You then ask yourself what is worse: to pretend everything is ok or to be alone? I personally would prefer to be alone than with someone that I know isn't right for me. 
This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Dylan and Canadian singer-songwiter Constance's emotional vocals which fit beautifully together. Apart from their vocals I am very fond of the slippery emo arpeggios, chugging power chords, gliding 808's, moody drum groove that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Dylan explains the inspiration behind the track:
“Lie Together” looks at the fantasy we create around our partners and why we stay with people who we know, deep down, aren’t right for us. In this story, both people have their own insecurities and reasons for why they are continuing to date this person and ignore their gut feeling that something is off. At the end of the day, they are both asking themselves; “Is it worse to pretend this feels right, or to be alone?”