chrchie Shares New Single ‘tides’

Los Angeles-based, Canadian singer and songwriter chrchie has just shared her brand new single tides, a melancholy-infused piece of indie-folk music. 
I am really enjoying chrchie's smooth, dulcet tone and how it instantly infuses the song with a vulnerable and dreamy touch. tides is a song about reminiscing about the past and realising how life is transient and impermanent. chrchie beautifully explores the good and bad of life over a captivating indie-folk production packed with intricate acoustic guitar riffs nicely paired with steady percussion, lush strings/synths and hauntingly beautiful harmonies that create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, chrchie said,
tides is my second song! after moving to LA from toronto, I found myself closer the ocean than i've ever been. the reflections on the water reminded me of the reflections of the past. sometimes i'm scared by how impermanent everything in life is. the song is an exploration of that, both good and bad.