CaliStar Shares New Single ‘Can’t Sleep’

CaliStar, the moniker of American singer and songwriter Calista Wu, has just shared her brand new single Can't Sleep, an upbeat piece of pop music that brings light to important issues like mental health awareness and anti-bullying. 
After experiencing traumatic brain injuries and post-concussion syndrome, sustained as a result of a series of car accidents, CaliStar was left struggling to read, process information, cope with emotions, and maintain balance, which manifested in a bad bout of insomnia. Can't Sleep finds CaliStar confronting her past traumas during a restless night watching the clock, which I think most of us can relate to it. I have lost count of the nights lost, not being able to sleep because of all those thoughts in my head. CaliStar uses this song as a way to shine a light on mental health issues, sharing a message that we're not alone and that we can overcome these issues. This message is wrapped around an infectious electro-pop production with soaring guitars and punchy percussion that create an overall warm, somewhat anthemic atmosphere. 
In the accompanying music video, CaliStar’s love for anime and empowering pop come together in a cheeky, youthful fashion, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s record-breaking Teenage Dream. She sleeps, blanket-up, in bed with a flashlight and dances around with her purple monster in a dream-state, only to discover that the monster had been bullied in the past. Through showing it love, they both heal. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, CaliStar said,
This song is for anyone who struggles with inner battles or hidden monsters that keep them up at night. It’s also for those who feel stuck pondering past traumas, paralyzed by current struggles, or daunted by anxious thoughts of the future. The message is that you’re not alone, and that you can overcome. So many people struggle with mental health, and the music video shows one way of overcoming, which involves facing our monsters, pursuing inner healing, and loving others from the overflow of peace that we have. 
Anti-bullying and mental health awareness are such important issues to talk about because they affect so many people. Often the monsters in our lives can make us feel that finding peace or just getting through each night is impossible. You’re not alone. I hope through my music people can begin to feel that glimmer of hope in the midst of a sea of hopelessness. Maybe one day we can get to the place to look back and think that the monsters that used to paralyze us are the ones that pushed us to overcome and find victory.