Brian Straw Shares New Single ‘I Still Dream Of You’

Cleveland-based singer and songwriter Brian Straw has just shared his brand new single I Still Dream Of You, a heartwarming blend of indie-folk/americana music. 
I am loving his expressive vocals and how dynamic his vocal delivery is, effortlessly connecting the listeners to his storytelling. I am particularly fond of the raw emotion pouring from his lovely vocals and how his relatable story of longing for lost love flows beautifully over the polished production packed with intricate guitar and banjo riffs. Taken from his upcoming solo debut album, Baby Stars/Dead Languages (out on January 21st 2022), I Still Dream Of You was written by Joseph Beltram and is wrapped around a memorable blend of indie-folk, americana, rock and experimental influences which create an overall warm and emotional piece of music perfect for a laid-back day home alone with your thoughts. Chek it out below!