Becoming Young Drops Reimagined Version of Hit Single ‘Stand Down’

Becoming Young, the project of Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Brandon Calano, has just shared a reimagined version of his single Stand Down which was released earlier this year. 
For this new version, Becoming Young teamed up with co-writer Jake Puliti and producer Austin Shawn who came together to bring forth the bold duality hidden under the surface of Stand Down. This reimagined version exemplifies the strength and power of transparency in the light of vulnerable love, giving an electrifying perspective of the same words Brandon Calano had written. I am particularly fond of Becoming Young's gorgeous, expressive vocals and how they are nicely backed by an infectious beat, steady drums and intricate guitar riffs. The song is packed with a lot of passion and emotion and the chorus is perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Becoming Young said,
I wrote this song about someone who was afraid to reveal herself. For so long, I tried to show her how much I loved every part of her, including her demons. This song was a proclamation of my commitment. I believe it now more fully captures the essence of how the song has always felt in my heart. I hope that “Stand Down (Reimagined)” gives you the courage to tell that special person in your life how you really feel.