Asher Knight Drops New Single ‘By the Way’

British singer and songwriter Asher Knight has just unveiled his brand new single By the Way, a happy-go-lucky song about the twists and turns of being in love. 
I really like the tone of his voice and how his vocal delivery soars effortlessly over the upbeat pop melodies. I am particularly fond of the feel-good guitar lick that is nicely paired with a marching rhythm section that instantly got me in a good mood and wanting to dance to its infectious beat. Accompanying the release, Asher Knight a captivating music video that perfectly embodies the song's warmth and feel-good vibes. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Asher Knight said,
"By The Way" goes through the feelings we experience whilst being in love which can be an intense. It drives you crazy at times and can take you on many twist and turns.