Arih SK Shares New Single ‘Never Happen to Me’

Canadian artist Arih SK has just shared his brand new single Never Happen to Me, the latest single to be taken from his new album, Creeping Senescence out today via Orange Couch Records. 
I am really enjoying the slight raspy touch in his voice and how it infuses the song with a cool touch of vulnerability and emotion. Never Happen to Me is a song about coming to terms with getting older and all the responsibilities that come along with that, even though we feel like running away from reality. I think all of us can relate to this song and I love how it is wrapped around a warm and somewhat playful production. I am particularly fond of the sun-soaked guitar riffs which are nicely paired with a killer bass and steady beat that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day out in the sun. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Arih SK said,
I was thinking about Atlas holding up the world. My parents seemed like titans until I got older and saw how hard it was to hold such a heavy thing. Now it’s my turn. I wrote this song while my dad was sick, my best friend was struggling with mental health, and I was getting a crash course in parenthood. I imagined a sort of vacation for us all, somewhere serene and beautiful, but this was pure fantasy. In the real world I have to live with real people and real problems. So I couldn’t stay in the dream, but I’m still torn between running away or accepting the fact that I am getting older, the responsibilities that come along with that, and the long melt of time that will eventually undo everything that I am and everything that I have done.