Ariane Gabriel Shares Stripped Version Of ‘inconnu’

French-American pop singer and songwriter Ariane Gabriel has just shared a stunning stripped down version of her single inconnu
A song that explores the feelings experienced when trying to get over an ex, inconnu finds the singer beautifully showcasing her gorgeous vocals over a polished piano-driven production. I am loving how warm and intimate this version is, perfectly enhancing the emotion of her storytelling. 
Ariane’s warm vocal sings of everyday reminders of past love and how even on the subway or on the street she continuously thinks of them. “inconnu” translates in English to “the unknown.” The singer wants these perseverating thoughts to get out of her head and to experience the unknown with them no longer there. This relatable message is wrapped around infectious melodies packed with emotive piano chords that create an overall warm and somewhat melancholic atmosphere. Check it out below!