Annabel Gutherz Performs ‘Barcelona’ For ‘Loose Ends Sessions’

Montreal-based singer and songwriter Annabel Gutherz has just shared a stunning live rendition of her single Barcelona as part of her Loose Ends Sessions EP.
I am really enjoying the tone of Annabel Gutherz's voice and how expressive and confident her vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the polished live instrumentation. Barcelona is a song about summer romance and getting lost in love and is wrapped around memorable Spanish guitar riffs that beautifully enhance the emotion and warmth pouring from her vocal delivery. Check out this awesome live performance below!



Speaking about the song, Annabel Gutherz said,
‘Barcelona’ is a song about romance in the thick of summer's whimsy, and getting lost in love. I was very intentional with all my musical and lyrical choices for this song as I really wanted to transport listeners and provide them with an almost-tactile sonic experience!
Annabel recorded the ‘Loose Ends Sessions’ at Studio Piccolo in Montreal, Quebec with Dominique Messier (drums) and Kaven Girouard (guitar), two of Céline Dion’s long-time band members. Explaining why she chose these three particular songs from the album, Annabel says,
Each song pulls from a unique sonic palette and topically explores a different facet of my life's expanding mosaic of stories, which is why I thought they would be especially fun to perform.