Alyssa Grace Shares New Single ‘All That You Need’

Californian 14-year-old singer and songwriter Alyssa Grace has just shared her brand new single All That You Need, a warm and emotive pop song. 
The talented artist writes about what is happening in her life - drawing listeners in with universal themes about coping with bullying, anxiety, girl empowerment and simply remembering to breathe. All That You Need is a song about being in a relationship, letting your partner know they are special to you while also asking if you are enough for them. This is quite a relatable feeling when in love and I like how Alyssa beautifully captures this experience and feeling through a lovely pop song. I am very fond of her passionate vocal delivery and how it is nicely backed by a punchy beat nicely intertwined with cool piano chords that enhance the emotion pouring from her vocals. 
Accompanying the release, Alyssa Grace has shared its official music video, directed by Troy Christian, which beautifully embodies the song's warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Alyssa Grace said,
“All That You Need” is about asking someone you’re in a relationship with if you are enough, and letting them know they are special to you.