XOHA Shares Debut Single ‘Outsider’

Emerging pop singer and songwriter XOHA has just shared her official debut single Outsider, a heartfelt and honest song that describes the often undiscussed inequalities in America.
This sincere message about the trials and tribulations of dealing with inequality of all types in the United States is wrapped around a warm pop production that pairs elements of melodic piano, lovely strings and bass that create the perfect atmosphere for her lovely, passionate vocal delivery to soar. This is a song that sees XOHA sharing some experiences throughout her life while also considering the inequalities and hardships others have had to face in their own lives. I am really enjoying how XOHA brings this powerful, anthemic message to the forefront and wraps it around a warm pop production that is easy on the ear. Have a listen to this anthem for outsiders below!



Speaking about the song, XOHA said,
‘Outsider’ is a passion project intended to shed light on the inequitable opportunities in America, despite the glamourized ideology of the American Dream. So many hardworking individuals are born into minority communities or come to America with the simple hope of creating a better future for themselves. Instead, they face unfair hardships embedded within institutions built on the foundations of prejudiced practices.