xGCA Shares Debut Single ‘Heartbreak’

New York-based singer, songwriter and producer xGCA makes his official music introduction with the release of his debut single Heartbreak, an upbeat indie/electro-pop song about the cyclical trauma we as humans tend to put ourselves through in relationships. 
I am really enjoying xGCA's confident, passionate vocal delivery which is nicely backed an upbeat indie/electro production. Heartbreak is a song about the cycle of dating and being in relationships: from falling in love, getting your heartbroken and then fall in love again. This song is xGCA's way to talk about this repetitive nature of falling in and out of love that only continues because we all hope the next one will work out better. This message is wrapped around a very energetic production packed with a blend of delicate and soaring electric guitar plucks that are nicely intertwined with steady percussion which create an overall upbeat atmosphere perfect to get you energised for the rest of the day. Check it out below!