Birmingham/Berlin-based multi-talented artist WEIRDO has just shared his brand new single KALEIDOSCOPE, taken from the Bonus Edition of his non-genre-confirming mixtape, A MIXTAPE FOR HEARTBREAK (2008-2020), out now via YOUTH LTD.
KALEIDOSCOPE and CHARDONNAY (LIVE) are the two new songs of this Bonus Edition and I am absolutely in love with the former. KALEIDOSCOPE is a big vocal pop-infused ballad that showcases gorgeous, emotive vocals soaring effortlessly over a polished electronic production. You can feel the passion and emotion pouring from the powerful vocal delivery which is enhanced by those lush piano chords. Give me powerful vocals and emotive piano chords and I am a happy man. Joining this combination we have a warm beat and lush synths that create an overall expansive atmosphere that I find perfect to play during those laid-back weekends home alone with my thoughts. Check it out below!