Valencia James Shares New Single ‘Chills’

New York born, Sydney bred dark-pop singer and songwriter Valencia James has just shared her brand new single Chills, a captivating electro-pop song out now via SHOUT! Music. 
Written by Valencia, and produced by Valencia and Peter James, Chills is Valencia's first release not only as a songwriter but also as a producer, beautifully showcasing her incredible talents. This is a song about being so infatuated by someone that you have chills all over your body, with that other person's touch feeling so electrifying and exciting. I am loving Valencia's lovely, expressive vocals and how they are nicely backed by a polished production that gives the listener an immersive experience so they can feel every lyric and vocal sung. I am particularly fond of the guitar strums that are nicely paired with a punchy beat, warm atmospherics and a memorable chorus that got me singing along to it in no time. Check it out below!