UNDREAM Shares New Single ‘Monster‘ ft. IOVA

Swedish producer UNDREAM has just shared his brand new single Monster, an infectious electro-pop song featuring the sultry vocals of Bucharest-based singer-songwriter IOVA. 
Out now via CloudKid, Monster beautifully showcases the producer's signature dark and ambient sound structure that back IOVA's gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities. Monster is a song about that feeling one has when in bed, not being able to sleep and feeling alone. This can also be a song for those that have experienced sleep paralysis with the song's dark, ambient sound enhancing those feelings. Apart from IOVA's gorgeous vocals I am very fond of the warm rhythms and catchy beat that create an overall mysterious and eerie atmosphere that makes listening to this song quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, IOVA said,
‘Monster’ is about the silent horrors of lying in bed awake and alone, something we have all faced at least one night of our lives. Those who have ever experienced sleep paralysis I’m sure can relate the most.