TITUS BANK Shares New Single ‘Bad Loving’

Vancouver-based pop adventurer TITUS BANK has just shared his brand new single Bad Loving, a proclamation for a final release from the burden of guilt. 
The title track of his new album out now via Everything Forever, Bad Loving beautifully showcases TITUS BANK's dynamic vocal delivery which can effortlessly shift from a smooth croon to a soulful vibrato to a note-perfect howl. Apart from his arresting vocals I am very fond of the lively production that is packed with warm rhythms, punchy percussion, lush piano keys and cool synths that create an overall confident, feel-good atmosphere. Bad Loving is a song about being free of guilt and realising that sometimes your only responsibility is to accept forgiveness and move on. This message is wrapped around a memorable electro-pop production that instantly got me in a good mood and I think you'll love it as much as I do. Check it out below!