Tishmal Shares New Single ‘On My Way Up’

Tishmal, the solo debut project Californian singer and songwriter Rachel Brockbank, has just shared her brand new single On My Way Up, a stunning piece of electro-pop music about being free from anxiety. 
Do you know that feeling of excitement you have when listening to a new song, making you want to tell all your friends about it and you can't stop playing it? Well, this is what is happening to me with this song. Tishmal delivers here such a hypnotic piece of electro-pop music that got me hooked right after the very first verse. I am loving her smooth, breathy vocals and how dreamy her harmonies are, beautifully capturing our attention to her storytelling.  
On My Way Up is a song about finally being set free from crippling anxiety and looking at the bright side of life, enjoying your days to the fullest. This positive message is wrapped around a gorgeous electronic production with subtle rhythms, lush atmospherics, memorable bass and killer driving beat that creates an overall feel-good, laid-back atmosphere that oozes carefree days out in the sun. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tishmal said,
The past year something in me sort of snapped. I’m not sure if it was from the intensity of the pandemic, or the move back to my home state of California and reconnecting to my roots. But a lot of my beliefs about myself and the world have changed drastically. I always lived with this anxiety like something horrible was just around the corner, but I started asking myself “What if it turns out better than you imagined?” Honestly, I really don’t know if it will! And for the first time in my life I feel so content with not knowing. It’s freeing- I wanted to weave all of it into a song.


And it was one of those days in the studio that felt electric. Daniel Pashman (producer) and I were paired to work together for the very first time and just really hit it off. I remember laughing the whole time, so happy about the melodies and sounds we were playing with. Since then, “On My Way Up” has become such a familiar friend to me—on hard days, it literally helped me get out of bed and remember all of those realizations from the last year. Like I would blast it in my headphones and just laugh and dance around while making my morning tea. I hope listeners get to feel that too.