tiger lily & MKSTN Shares New Single ‘like we’re an indie movie’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter tiger lily has teamed up with Canadian producer MKSTN to deliver a chill piece of electro-pop music titled like we're an indie movie
I am a fan of tiger lily's vocals and how smooth they sound in this song, gliding effortlessly over the chilled out production while infusing it with a dreamy touch. I am loving MKSTN's production which is packed with subtle percussion, killer beat and warm atmospherics that instantly creates an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. I am particularly fond of the lush, shimmering keys and cool guitar plucks how the song has a soothing warmth that makes it perfect for those rainy days home alone with one's thoughts or for those chill bedroom sessions. like we're an indie movie is such a stunning piece of electronic music that is guaranteed to get you in a good mood and feeling relaxed in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the collaboration, tiger lily said,
When MKSTN originally sent me different beats he was working on, I was immediately drawn to the title of this one called ‘Paris in the Rain.’ It reminded me of a spontaneous train ride I’d taken to Paris one spring break to chase down a summer love I met when living in Medellin, Colombia. The hook “kiss me in the rain” was inspired by the guy and my first kiss which was during a tropical rainstorm after we left a dance club and discovered it was pouring outside. Our transatlantic love story always felt like something from an indie movie to me, hence the song title. I really wanted to capture sonically the nostalgia of the faded polaroids, letters, and memories that inspired the lyrics, and I think MKSTN and I did that beautifully together.
MKSTN added,
Tiger lily and I met randomly over the internet by coincidence and I had a feeling we’d be able to create something special. The instrumental I originally wrote was called “We walked in Paris” and although I’ve only been there only once for a layover, I’ve always loved French culture. I wanted to create a nostalgic, melancholic song based on the fantasy/ real love stories we play in our minds. A song that would be played along with an old film. The instrumental came together in a matter of minutes and it sat on my computer for almost a year. I knew there was something special about it but I knew it needed the right voice to bring it to life. When I sent some demos to tiger lily and she said she was into the track I knew it would be something special before she even sent anything back to me.