The Astronomers Share New Single ‘Bad Type’

American duo The Astronomers, consisting of Ben Baker and Michael Stensland, have just shared their brand new single Bad Type, a feel-good song about knowing someone's true colours. 
I am loving the confident and passionate vocals which effortlessly draw the listener's attention to their relatable storytelling. Bad Type is a song about having someone in your life that only you seem to know how they truly are. It's a song about a toxic person that says one thing but doesn't follow through and lies constantly. I think we all know someone like that and that definitely isn't someone we should get in a relationship with. This storytelling is wrapped around playful melodies packed with catchy piano chords that are nicely paired with lush brass instruments and percussion that build up with energy and culminate into a big band-type of chorus that is perfect to sing along to. There's somewhat of an old school vibe in the song that I really like and its overall feel-good atmosphere makes it perfect for a fun day out in the sun. Check it out below!