Stewart Arp Shares New Single ‘Hazel’

Chicago-based singer and songwriter (and lead singer of Chicago’s alt-rock band ZORILA) Stewart Arp has just shared his brand new single Hazel, a captivating indie-pop song about lost love. 
I am really enjoying Stewart Arp's smooth, expressive vocals which are nicely accompanied by intricate guitar riffs and steady percussion. Hazel is a melancholic and nostalgic song about a lost love and the struggle to move one, looking back at moments of one's past relationship and wishing that things could start fresh again. Arp's honest vocal delivery and heart-on-sleeve storytelling is very relatable and the whole production is quite warm and intimate, allowing for his vocals and storytelling to soar. 
Accompanying the release, Stewart Arp shared its official music video, directed by Philip Goode, which takes listeners through moments in his past relationship that he still grapples with to this day. Wrestling with himself for what happened in the past, we are introduced to several visual moments where Arp and the actress playing his ex go back and forth between fond memories and terrible arguments that led to the ending of their relationship. Check it out below!