Stemin Shares New Single ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’

Amsterdam-based, Swiss singer, songwriter and musician Stemin has just shared his brand new single Our Universe, Our Galaxy, an infectious R&B-tinged pop song. 
Written and co-produced by Stemin, Benjamin Ventura, and Filippo Bubbico, Our Universe, Our Galaxy is the latest single to be taken from Stemin's upcoming new album Unspoken Dreams and beautifully showcases Stemin's passionate vocal delivery and songwriting skills. This catchy song shares a message of how life and everything glows and sounds thrilling while in love, also inviting the listener to look inward to their dreams. I am really enjoying the cool guitar plucks and how they are nicely paired with lush piano chords and steady beat that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. This cool blend of pop and r&b elements sounds also delivers a memorable chorus that got stuck to my head right after the very first listen. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Stemin said,

Allowing your inner dreams and desires to see the light is always a struggle, especially in a society that still struggles with tolerance. As a queer artist, I want to tell stories about overcoming prejudice, conquering fears, embracing our true selves, and most of all, celebrating queer love. “Our Universe, Our Galaxy” is an invitation to look inward to our dreams, the safe, magical places where we are free. In our dreams, as with falling in love, everything glitters and glows with thrilling intensity.