Steerner Shares New Single ‘You Make Me Feel’

Swedish DJ/Producer Steerner is back with his brand new single You Make Me Feel, a high-energy House/EDM track out now via Snafu Records. 
Written by world-renowned songwriter Albin Nedler and Snafu's own AI technology (GPT-3 algorithm), You Make Me Feel is a relatable song about loving someone so much that you're always on the edge, high on love. Albin's a great storyteller and he got the help of a powerful AI, and the result is a song packed with tons of emotion that beautifully captures what it feels to be in love. This message is wrapped around a high-energy House/EDM production with a memorable vocal topline, energetic percussion, killer bass, powerful drop and bright, expansive synth works that create an overall anthemic atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend out with the one you love. Check it out below!



Quoted Generated from the AI regarding the single: 

The idea of being in a relationship with someone who is a little too much for you, but you can’t help but love them. We wanted to capture that feeling of being on the edge of a high wire, and the feeling of being too close to the sun. We wanted to capture the feeling of being in love, but also the feeling of being in love with someone who is a little too much for you.