Sooski Shares New Single ‘Bite’

British singer, songwriter and producer Sooski has just shared her brand new single Bite, a trap/grime-infused piece of music. 
I am loving those silky, smooth vocals and how they are packed with so much sensuality and confidence, instantly capturing my attention to her storytelling. Bite draws inspiration from the notion of not having to dim oneself to make others feel more comfortable. Produced and performed by Sooski, this message is wrapped around a memorable blend of UK Garage, Trap, Grime and R&B elements that create an overall warm atmosphere that makes this song perfect for those laid-back days at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song Sooski said,
I wrote & produced this song when a talent agent (huge venues) accused me of not making my own music and in front of friends whilst I was out just trying to have a good night, he shouted across the room "I will never book you because I don't believe that for a second you produce your own music, show me the files, what's your prod process"all because I was a woman who refused to pay him any attention!Inspired me to write a song about not dimming myself to make anyone feel like a bigger man!