Solven Shares New Single ‘Save You’

Time to dance! Solven, the project of Greek music producer Mike Papadatos, has just shared his brand new single Save You, an emotional piece of House music that marks Solven's first release as an independent artist under Believe Music. 
I am loving those powerful, emotional vocals that soar beautifully over the polished electronic production and sing about fighting for a person you love and making everything possible before it ends. Save You shares a message of appreciating the ones we love and the time we spend with them as nothing lasts forever. This message is wrapped around a memorable Deep House production with sun-soaked guitar riffs nicely intertwined with a punchy beat, amazing rhythm patterns and warm atmospherics that create an overall anthemic atmosphere perfect for the weekend. 
Save You is one of those songs that will get you singing along to it in no time and its warmth instantly makes me think of those carefree summer days with the ones I love. This gem is accompanied by a striking music video which perfectly enhances the song's emotional message an you can check it out below!