Salt Ashes Shares New Single ‘Body Says’

Following the release of her fierce single Lucy, Brighton born singer-songwriter Salt Ashes (Veiga Sanchez) has just shared her brand new single Body Says, the focus track of her sophomore album, Killing My Mind, out now Radikal Records. 
I am loving how confident and powerful Salt Ashes' vocal delivery is, instantly connecting us to her storytelling. Body Says is a female empowerment anthem, highlighting the struggles women face on a night out while also inspiring the listeners to get up and dance. Apart from her soaring vocal delivery I am extremely fond of the infectious synthscapes and pulsating beat that instantly gave me a dose of energy and got me in a good mood in no time. This is one of those songs I'd play when I want to unwind after a stressful day and just dance my pain away. Check it out below!



Speaking of the song, Veiga said:
I wrote this with my producer Louis, which was a very enlightening experience as we wrote this from a female perspective. It was interesting to see how he understood the struggles women face on a night out without me even saying anything. I want this song to empower people but also just want to get down and fucking dance.