Rochelle Diamante Shares New Single ‘Sometimes...’

American singer, songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer Rochelle Diamante has just shared her brand new single Sometimes..., a warm electro-pop song about missing something in life.
Produced by KittyGun, Sometimes... is a song about being used to do thinks by yourself, having everything you want in life but lacking that special someone to share your life with. The song tells a story of a woman having a drink in a lounge and thinking about her life and how sometimes she wants more than just herself. The more she drinks, the more emotional she feels. I am really enjoying how Rochelle Diamante creates somewhat of a cinematic story to beautifully convey these emotions which are wrapped around a warm electro-pop production with R&B nuances that create the perfect atmosphere for Rochelle's rich, soulful vocals to soar. Check it out below!