Rightfield Share Acoustic Version Of New Single ‘Gone!’

American duo Rightfield, formed by Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher, have just shared a stunning acoustic version of their single Gone!, taken from a two-track release titled Rightfield from South Texas, out now via Quadio Records. 
I am a sucker for acoustic guitar-driven songs and this one is definitely right up my alley. The intricate acoustic guitar riffs are nicely paired with subtle pedal steel guitar plucks, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for Jack Blocker's passionate vocal delivery to soar. Listening to this song has quite a calming, yet nostalgic, effect on me and makes me think of those laid-back days at home or out in the sun, just enjoying the moment. Accompanying the release, the duo shared its official music video which beautifully embodies the song's warmth and emotion. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Rightfield said,
Gone! is a really simple song in concept that we wrote and fully recorded in the span of a few days. It’s a really bright/easy-listening track that focuses much more on the melodic energy than the lyrical concept. We realized after performing the song a few times in an acoustic setting that it actually gets pretty tender and introspective. In the original track the lyrics feel very care-free but when the song is stripped down and performed a bit darker, it feels like there’s some real regret and uncertainty. In some ways this presentation of the song reminded us of 80’s country artists like Townes Van Zandt and Blaze Foley so we decided to record a version of the song that explored that direction. We wanted it to feel natural, like you’re sitting on the porch listening to us strum and sing the song. A lot of the old Country/Americana records that we love are just live performances at bars or clubs where the slight imperfections are what make the songs really special, so we were excited to try to incorporate some of that raw feeling in the track. All of the pedal steel in the track was played by our friend Steve Palousek who is actually a member of the pedal steel hall of fame. We felt good about the song before he played on it, but his performance elevated the whole track in such a cool way. He added some magical moments to the song that feel different than anything we’ve created in the past. We’re really excited to share this song with our audience because it feels like a window into some of the southern influences that are really dear to us.