PAENDA Shares New Single ‘Zero Gravity’

Austrian singer, musician and producer PAENDA has just shared her brand new single Zero Gravity, an upbeat piece of Pop/EDM out now via Sick Kick Records. 
I am really enjoying her lovely, expressive vocal delivery which is packed with so much passion and emotion, instantly drawing the listener's attention to her storytelling. Zero Gravity is a song about those people that first see the difficult and worse in life, making life harder than it really is. With this song PAENDA aims to enlighten the listeners that it's possible to view life differently and that having a positive outlook can bring good things to your life. This uplifting message is wrapped around an upbeat EDM production with strong pop melodies and infectious hooks that instantly got me in a good mood and wanting to get up and dance. Have a listen to this uplifting pop/dance gem below!



Speaking about the song, PAENDA said,
Sometimes you make things more difficult than they are – simply because you don't know real, effortless lightness. You look for drama, for problems, for that one thing that always seems to go wrong. But it’s possible to have it: effortless weightlessness, a state in which everything runs perfectly smoothly. And it’s there to shows us that we have come across something very special.” And this special thing needs to be kept.