ONUR Shares New Single ‘Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadi’

British singer, songwriter and producer ONUR has just shared his brand new single Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadı, a captivating piece of music that finds the artist pursuing the exploration of his Turkish heritage. 
Out now via Icarus Records, Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadı is a unique blend of R&B with Turkish Gypsy and Folk music about the hardship of life before death. Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadı (“My face bled before death came upon me”) immerses the listeners in memorable Turkish experience that features an ancien instrument played by the renowned Turkish musician Erkan Oğur, the pioneer of classical fretless guitars who himself influenced many artists by merging his folk with the ancient traditional music. 
I am loving ONUR's passionate vocal delivery and how the warm rhythms enhance the emotion pouring from his vocals and create an overall warm and melancholic atmosphere that I find quite captivating. This is definitely an enthralling listening experience that allows for ONUR to proudly represent both his British & Turkish heritage. Below you can check out the studio version and a stunning acoustic interpretation of this gem that made me fall in love with it even more!



Speaking about the song, ONUR said,

This track was written at a time I had gone through a lot of turbulence in my life. I just thought: before I die, I’ve already been through so much. And then, meeting Erkan Oğur was just very surreal. He’s one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. I told him about my fascination with Turkish Gypsy music and the time signatures, and I remember him just imbuing so much knowledge about the subject. It was incredible. I think we could all take a page out of his book and learn something. It’s funny because he’s known to not collaborate with anyone anymore. Obviously, I was unaware of this and I just straight up asked him if he could play on my track, and he said 'Yeah, I like this. I’ll play'. Ignorance is bliss, I guess... .