MOLTENO Shares New Single ‘Illuminate’

London-based atmospheric dream-pop singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, MOLTENO has just shared her brand new single Illuminate, a hypnotic alt-pop song out now via 1000 Moons. 
Produced and mixed by Jose Manuel Cubides Gutierrez (Noé Solange), and co-written by Sarah Barton-Keeley, Illuminate finds MOLTENO exploring the power of autonomy, persistence and positivity. I am very fond of her celestial voice and ethereal vocal layers which are nicely backed by a polished production packed with rich live cello, atmospheric synths and a blend of electronic and live drums, creating an overall evocative and dreamy atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, MOLTENO says,
Illuminate is about harnessing the flames and seeking out autonomy and positivity. The song is for everyone who keeps getting back up again and again. Like a fire that quickly spreads, emotions are catching, we assimilate the zeitgeist. How can we protect ourselves and keep our autonomy?