Michelle Ray Shares New Single ‘Tattoo’

LA/NY-based singer, songwriter and actress Michelle Ray has just shared her brand new single Tattoo, a grandiose pop ballad taken from her new EP, Before U, out now! 
I am absolutely in love with her powerhouse vocal performance which is packed with so much soul and emotion, instantly commanding the listener's attention to her storytelling. Tattoo is a song about the pain that comes when you get out from a toxic relationship but you never seem able to fully rid yourself of that love. This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a simple, sweeping arrangement that puts Michelle's vocals at the centre, tying everything together. I am particularly fond of the dramatic and emotive piano chords that are nicely paired with lush strings, creating an overall warm and emotive atmosphere for Michelle's vocals and storytelling to soar. I can't get enough of that voice and I think you'll love it as much as I do. Check it out below!