Micah Emrich Shares New Single ‘no sleep’

Milwaukee, WI based singer, songwriter, musician and producer Micah Emrich has just shared his brand new single no sleep, a captivating indie-pop song taken from his new album, BASEMENT, out now via The Ranch. 
I am really enjoying Micah Emrich's passionate vocal delivery, especially when we get to hear those raspy touches that instantly enhance the emotion of his storytelling. no sleep is a song about realising that it's ok to have a different mindset and ambition than most people. It's a song about no matter what our goals and ambitions are, there will be moments in our lives that will suck and we should be able to find an escape when that happens. Apart from Micah's gorgeous vocals I am very fond of the guitar plucks and steady percussion that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!