Meadowlark Share New Single ‘Disposable’

Bristol-based electro/pop duo Meadowlark, consisting of singer/songwriter Kate McGill and multi-instrumentalist Dan Broadly, have just shared their brand new single Disposable, a Folk-tinged indie-pop song out now via Fries Boom Barrier. 
I am loving Kate McGill's lovely, dreamy vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of their honest storytelling. Disposable is a song about the painful end of a relationship, when you're still grieving and feeling disposable, especially when the other person starts moving on before you do. It's a song about the cycle of relationships, some end and others begin. This honest, relatable storytelling is wrapped around a polished production that beautifully blends folk and pop elements with intricate acoustic guitar riffs being nicely intertwined with a steady percussion and delicate, emotive piano keys that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for Kate's vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Kate McGill said,
Disposable was written about the very painful end of a personal relationship. They’re never easy, of course - but I’d found so much of my belonging and identity in this person and our friends, that when it ended, I had not only lost a partner but an extended family of sorts. Naturally, endings create new beginnings. New relationships are formed. That’s the way things go. When you’re in the thick of grief, watching on as those lives change so effortlessly and so quickly - it’s easy to feel like you’re being replaced, or that you were never worth much to begin with. I know that deep down that’s of course not the case, but pain is adamant to make you believe a different story.