Marko Nyberg Shares New Single ‘Dark Echoes’

Finnish artist Marko Nyberg has just shared his brand new single Dark Echoes, a hypnotising piece of downtempo/indietronica music out now via El Camino Records. 
I am really enjoying the captivating, echoing vocals and haunting harmonies that glide beautifully over a polished electronic production with warm rhythms and soothing beats. There's somewhat of an expansive and dreamy vibe in the song that instantly caught my attention and I like how it slowly builds from a warm and comforting atmosphere to an explosive blend of sharp synths and fast-paced rhythms. This is quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience packed with touches of melancholia that I love. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Marko Nyberg said,
We’d just come back from lunch with my friend Sam Shingler – with whom we wrote ’New Light of Tomorrow’ for Husky Rescue back in the day – and we were sitting in my studio, feeling very inspired after contemplating life for hours. Very spontaneously, I started playing these chords on the piano, to which Sam wrote the lyrics and we recorded it right then and there. Later on, I was feeling stuck writing another song when I stumbled upon our demo. Turned out that it was in the exact same tempo and fit perfectly with the mood of the piece I was working on. It was all very effortless, I even asked my neighbour Aki to sing it. This kind of puzzle-solving has always been a crucial part of my artistic process. I think the song doesn’t attempt to be anything else but present in the moment.