Leen Shares New Single ‘Your Hell’

Stockholm-based Syrian pop artist Leen has just shared her brand new single Your Hell, an infectious electro-pop song out now via Rexius Records. 
Right from the start you can feel somewhat of an epic and apocalyptic vibe that instantly caught my attention for her storytelling. Produced by Olivia Lundberg and Jonathan Thorpenberg, Your Hell finds Leen singing as archetypal wronged woman with a touch of Middle-Eastern vocal technique. The song echoes Leen's perspective from growing up as a woman in Syria, yet with an universal message of women being treated badly and exploited all over the world. This powerful collection of emotional states related to mistreatment and trauma is beautifully conveyed through Leen's gorgeous, dynamic vocal delivery that flows beautifully atop a polished electro-pop production with lush synths nicely paired with catchy percussion and cinematic strings that create an overall dramatic, passionate atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Leen said, Women being exploited, being treated in a horrible way, their rights being taken from them, sometimes even being killed! Despite everything they sacrificed for the ones they love. In the verses, I am going through the first stages of shock until I reach the stage of anger, acceptance, and revenge.