Lara Snow Shares Stripped Version Of Hit Single ‘Wild Sea’

Berlin-based, Israeli singer and songwriter Lara Snow has just unveiled a stripped version of her hit single Wild Sea, her most personal and intimate song so far, taken from her debut EP, Delete Forever, out now! 
The original version is a beautifully-produced piece of electro-pop music with groovy guitar riffs, lovely synth lines and an infectious beat. Now the talented singer-songwriter strips things down to a piano-based version that effortlessly enhances her storytelling of heartbreak. This version of the song was recorded live in her living room, during the first lockdown at the height of the Covid pandemic. I am actually very fond of this version as it allows the listener to fully focus on her storytelling and heartfelt vocal delivery, making this quite a warm and enthralling listening experience. Have a listen to this emotionally-charged version below!



Speaking about this new version, Lara Snow said,
Staying at home for such a long time during the pandemic, made me reach inside and look for a deeper meaning and a deeper truth. To return to the most basic instincts and habits, rediscover the joy in little things. Suddenly without stages to play I found myself returning to where it all began - my voice and a piano.