Kiss Kanoo Shares New Single ‘Good Game’

London-based singer and songwriter Kiss Kanoo has just shared her brand new single Good Game, an infectious electro-pop song about the breaking point in a relationship. 
I am really enjoying Kiss Kanoo's confident, expressive vocal delivery which effortlessly connects the listener to her storytelling. Out now via Ombra Records, Good Game is a song about realising that someone you've been kind to is trying to take advantage of your good heart and intentions. Unfortunately this is a very relatable song as the world is filled with people that take advantage of others and I like how Kiss Kanoo brings that experience through a memorable electro-pop song. I am particularly fond of the driving beat nicely paired with delicate piano keys, soaring guitar riffs, lush synths and punchy percussion that create an overall energetic, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!