KEHLI Shares New Single ‘Not OK’

Irish pop singer and songwriter KEHLI has just shared her brand new single Not OK, a captivating piece of alt-pop music out now through Rough Bones. 
I am a fan of KEHLI's crystalline, powerful vocals which instantly command the listener's attention to her storytelling. Not OK is a song about one's state of mind when realising someone is falling out of love with them, making one feel like their life is falling apart. This is a song about those moments in life when things aren't going well for you and you feel there's nothing that can happen to lessen your pain. This relatable song is wrapped around a crisp and glossy production packed with intricate guitar riffs nicely paired with a cool beat and warm atmospherics. Not OK is one of those songs I'd play while home alone with my thoughts and I think you'll love it as much as I do. Check it out below!



Speaking about her new offering, KEHLI said,
'Not OK' was a song I felt a lot of release from! It’s about the very moment you realise someone is falling out of love with you or your reality is falling apart and that is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt! Putting that concept into a song was hard, but I’m so excited for everyone to hear it as it’s my first release after the worst part of the COVID pandemic is hopefully over. Hoping people can generally relate to it as well.