JVS Shares New Single ‘Out The Low’ ft. Hustie & R-Scar

Emerging British artist JVS has teamed up with fellow British artists Hustie and R-Scar to deliver his new single Out The Low, an infectious piece of deep drill that shares a positive message of hope. 
I am loving their raw, honest vocal delivery which soar beautifully over the polished production, effortlessly connecting the listeners to their storytelling. Out The Low is a song about going through tough times and feeling lost, encouraging the listeners to see the light and keep on pushing as things will get better. This honest storytelling is wrapped around a memorable trap-infused beat with an overall warm and emotive atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, JVS said,
The song is titled out the low it’s how my life has been currently all my feelings in a snippet with my two cousins on the track to sharing their testimonies too. In simple it’s a deep song of thanksgiving message personal to God for taking me out of darkness into light; trust me, things could have ended badly, but because he died for us on that cross and the faith we have in our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ we can have everlasting life only through him!